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Blessing for the Beginning of School

by on August 23, 2020

May God give you patience until the time you remember that nothing resides beyond God’s care. And then may you experience peace and humor. 

May God bless all you have done as you approached this day–whether it was to isolate every variable and prepare for them, or to delay decisions until the ever-new-information came–or somewhere in between. God can bless all approaches because God inhabits every future. In any case, God is with you and is leading you.

May God fill you with grace as you deal with students, teachers, administrators, and parents. Remember most of them are trying their best, and among those who act carelessly they often act unconsciously. May God pull you away and prompt you to pray for the one who treads dangerously near your last nerve. 

May you begin with the end in mind, even though this beginning is chaotic. In the end, God heals, Wisdom instructs, Spirit triumphs, and all creation rests. 

Do your best, forgiving others and yourself, and return to these blessings as often as you can and need. Amen.

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