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Eucharistic Prayer on Mothers’ Day

by on May 14, 2018

God our Creator, Psalm 139 says you knit us together in our mother’s wombs, and in the depths of our mother earth you intricately weaved us together. These metaphors of motherhood offer some balance to the preponderance of male-dominated images of you in the Bible. We remember Jesus’ teaching that you are neither male nor female, and so we may approach you confidently under the address Father or Mother.

Today we give thanks to you as our Mother.  Like our earthly mothers, you gave us life. You fearfully and wonderfully made us. In our absolute dependence you sustained us with milk. As we learned to walk, you called to us by name to follow you. We thank you for your enduring faithfulness to us throughout our lives, that even now, according to Proverbs, your feminine Spirit of Wisdom invites us to walk in your ways.

We thank you for Jesus’ mother Mary, who received your word and in her womb gave life to the Savior of the world. Through her ministry of mothering Jesus learned how to listen for your voice and to faithfully follow, even through public disgrace. As she did, he offered life to the world through his body, and suffered in the labor of giving birth to eternal life. But in the rebirth of his resurrection, so we all are born again, not just by water but by the Spirit.

Send your Spirit again we pray, that we may receive your Word into our bodies through the bread and cup of this sacrament. Feed us we pray, in addition to the words we have read, and those we have heard, and those we watch in the bread being broken and the cup being poured. Feed us as we receive the bread in our hands and the cup from our lips, making Jesus and your motherly grace as real to us as this heavenly food in physical form. And then send us to be Christ’s faithful disciples, bearing his life in our lives, and offering your life to the world. Amen.


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