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Prayers from 08.13.17 (National White Supremacists and Local Anti-Semites Sunday)

by on August 15, 2017


Lord Jesus Christ, we call upon you in those three words, because you alone are our Lord, because you are our Yeshua—our Savior, and because you are our anointed King and Prophet. We call upon you, Lord Jesus Christ, because you have made us adopted children in the family of God through baptism, made us members of your body through your Spirit, and have gathered us here in worship. In this hour, fill us with your Spirit, we pray. Make us bold like our Colorado Republican Senator and our state’s Democratic Governor, to recognize evil when it appears, and make us bold to stand with those who value all your children and pursue peace, justice, love, and forgiveness, because what we freely receive here, you have called us to freely give. In your name we pray. Amen.


God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, of Jesus our Jewish Savior and Lord, we pray for the Jewish community of Colorado Springs with whom we share ministry now among homeless families, and with whom we have shared space in worship of you. Bless them with courage and grace as they deal yet again with vandalism and intimidation. We thank you for their witness to your faithfulness and their partnership in ministry. And we pray that all people of peaceful religion and good will can stand together united by your love.

And in light of the events of this weekend, we pray that instead of our taking America back—back to whatever we might think best, back to white supremacy, back to male dominance, back to oppression of native people, back to exploitation of immigrants, back to whatever vision myopic memory and nostalgia may generate—we pray, O Lord, that you will take us back. Take America back if we repent of our greed for power and hegemony. Take America back if we repent of our consumeristic indulgences. Take America back if we repent of rugged individualism and the hubris of self-reliance. Please, God, for whose Kingdom we pray every week and maybe every day, take America back as a nation blessed with inordinate and even obscene resources, but also as a nation with unending opportunities to bear witness to your generosity, to do good, to pursue peace, and to ease the suffering of others. Take us back if we repent of bigotry that vandalizes houses of worship, that drives cars through crowds of people with opinions different from ours, that shoots, stabs, threatens, and bombs innocent people. Take America back, O Lord, that we might be among the blessed who are recognized as your children because we resemble the one whom we confess as your Son, our Lord, and the Savior of the world, who taught us to pray for your kingdom in these words, Our Father . . .


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  1. Tom, your prayers are eloquent and deeply authentic –not unusual for you but particularly poignant to me.

    Monday night at book discussion we were talking about the suggestion that Jesus was a Jewish mystic– with a deep connection and continuing relationship with God. Most people had no idea who a mystic was. I asked if anyone had ever experienced a moment of awe being stopped in their tracks sort of out of time with beauty or birth and feeling God present?

    LH immediately said she experienced this in your closing prayer in worship yesterday (Sunday) when you lifted up our responses to God regarding the deeper personal implications of the events and dialogue about Charlottesville and Trump.

    I checked Faith website and there were your prayers. Powerful articulations of the sin — intentional or unintentional — of white privilege and the Churches distortion of Jesus ministry and message of God’s radical inclusivity and the costs of silence in the face of evil.

    I too was deeply moved. What is God calling me to do in this moment-in this place??? How can I begin/ continue to realize my own white privilege and complicity?

    What are my internalized fears and selfish ambitions? How are they playing out over and against “others”: those I abhor and those I ignore, those whom I want to act in a certain way (my family) and those I envy and compare myself to.

    Thanks dear friend for both inspiring and listening to my struggling prayer.

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