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Prayer in Response to the Executive Order of January 27

by on January 30, 2017

God of Grace, we thank you that you made space in the universe for our world, speaking words of creation to bring all people into existence and to share life with you. We thank you that our Lord Jesus Christ made room among his disciples for tax-collectors and zealots. In his name we invite all people to his table of grace, for Jesus gave it to us as a vision of your all-inclusive kingdom. We praise you that for centuries our country has welcomed refugees of war and poverty, industrious people seeking a better life, and that we have pursued righteousness among those who were brought here against their will. So this morning we pray for those who have been banned from our great country, turned away or sent home because of our fears and the evil actions of a tiny minority. We who are your children lament that our country now stands outside your hospitality and grace, that what we have freely received we no longer freely give, that we reject your Word which charges us to be grateful and generous with all our blessings. We pray you will not withdraw your blessings upon us who have been so unfaithful in our stewardship of them. And we pray for the refugees of Iraq, Iran, Syria, Yemen, Sudan, Libya and Somalia, and the many employees of American companies from these countries who are now exiled. Lead our country, through our president and our prophets, to the hope you have promised in Christ and died to provide for all people.

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