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01.22.17 Post-Inaugural Weekend Prayer

by on January 23, 2017

We thank you, King of Kings and Lord of Lords, for the peaceful transition of power in our nation’s capital Friday. We pray President Trump will succeed in leading all Americans to make our great country greater still. We pray ordinary Americans will make America extraordinary again. We pray America may be first again, not because we look first to our own interests, but because we place your priorities first. We pray we may be first to follow Jesus Christ, the revelation of your will for the world, who came to the poor and healed the sick, who forgave sinners and welcomed the outcast, who sacrificed himself for the benefit of others, who trusted you instead of mighty Rome or misguided religion. We pray that we might have the courage to follow President Trump in quoting Psalm 133, that it is indeed pleasant when people dwell together in unity. We pray that you will unite us first and foremost as this Psalm indicates, in the mission and work of Christ in the world.

We give you thanks for the peaceful Women’s March on Washington, and Boston, and Chicago, and Denver, London and Los Angeles, New York and New Delhi, Sioux Falls and Sydney, and Colorado Springs. For the placards that were overwhelmingly decent and direct, for the variety of concerns, for the diversity of the crowds, we are thankful. For the women who led us, and those who also marched: Veterans, undocumented immigrants, senior citizens, anxious children, protective parents, queer Americans, those needing health care, cautious Trump supporters, and citizens around the world in solidarity with these—we pray their concerns will be represented beyond the extraordinary numbers who gathered Saturday, but also among the numbers who gathered on Friday. We pray, in other words, for the will of the majority to be heard and well represented, for the majority of Americans and people around the world desire with Jesus your Kingdom on earth.

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