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9/11 Litany Leading to Lord’s Prayer

by on September 12, 2016

Today we remember the 2996 people who died 15 years ago, in the terrorist attacks on 9/11.

19 of those nearly 3000 dead had undeniably bad deaths. You will deal with them, as with all people, with justice, mercy, and love.

Many others of those nearly 3000 dead had good deaths, and their good lives will live on.

We remember those aboard American Airlines flights 11 and 77, and those aboard United Airlines flights 175 and 93.

We remember those who worked in and around the World Trade Center, and at the Pentagon.

And we remember the lives devastated and lost as a consequence of that day.

We remember those with permanently disabled bodies,

those with debilitating post-traumatic stress,

those with diseases related to the rescue and recovery and reconstruction,

those with holes in their hearts and lives,

those struggling to move into the future

those who live in fear or anger or unforgiveness.

As we remember all these people and feelings, we also remember you, Most High God.

We remember that you created this world, and created it good.

We remember that you called us to a good life, and that we failed to live up to your calling.

We remember that you did not abandon us, even when we made a disaster of your good creation.

We remember that you promised never to stop seeking us, your lost sheep, not matter how far into the wilderness we might wander or run.

We remember that you came to us in Christ, and, in his resurrection, began the redemption of all creation.

We remember that you sent your Holy Spirit to sustain us—through these remembrances of the past, and our hope for the future.

Bless all those whom we remember.

And bless those who dare to remember.

For we believe that by remembering, as Christ commanded us to remember, our faith is awakened and strengthened.

Your faithfulness to your promises does not depend on our belief.

But our reception of them in this life does.

Remember us, we pray, as we remember you.

And so we pray in accordance with your will as revealed in Jesus Christ, who taught us to pray, saying, Our Father . . .


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