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“What Communion Means to Me”

by on February 2, 2016

Below are responses to a question in our bulletin one Sunday, “What does Communion mean to you?” We celebrate Holy Communion weekly and have for about 6 years. When we made that change, we heard the chief concern expressed by a majority of churches considering weekly Eucharist–“It will lose it’s meaning!” Judge for yourselves.

It is a weekly, tangible, tactile reminder of my personal connection to God and his covenant with me. Weekly I touch, feel, taste, see, smell a reminder of that connection.

Sharing with all the faithful the meal that Jesus the Christ prepared for us to show our unity and belief in him.

No matter in what format we share communion, it serves to remind me just what the essence of our faith is.

Regardless of what is going on in the world, God’s love doesn’t end. Regardless of how isolated I fee, I am not alone.

The receiving of God’s grace and forgiveness as well as the Spirit of Christ that I need for every day living. He is the Bread of Life for me.

Communion is a tangible connection to Christ that refreshes/renews my spirit. I’m thankful that we receive it weekly to remind me of Christ’s presence with me through the week ahead.

Communion is the most personal time I have with God other than our time together in our yard.

Communion is both personally giving and personally receiving from other believers. Christ is a personal savior.

Communion is a very personal part of worship to me. As I partake of the symbols of Christ’s body, I feel that I am a small part of Him and dedicate myself each week to be His person and hands on this earth.

Feeling of solidarity with the congregation and church at large.

Uplifting, comforting, renewal. It fills my cup with love.

Communion is a quiet way for me to be mindfully aware of God’s love for us and Jesus’ sacrifice for me.

Communion is a personal and private time between me and God. I always wonder at how he could have given his son for my sins. This took on even more meaning to me once I had my own son.

Love, acceptance, forgiveness, repentance.

Communion reminds me that I am one of millions through the millennia that profess Christ as Savior.

Communion each week grounds me – as well as renews me – and reminds me of Christ’s grace.

Communion is my time of sharing in the life, death, and resurrection with the saints before, the saints now, and the saints to come.

To join all the saints past, present, and future to honor God and his beloved son.

Communion gives me the opportunity to share the love and grace of Christ with my faith family, as well as to have a very personal interaction with Christ reminding me of His sacrifice for ME. Didn’t earn it, don’t deserve it – GRACE! Communion strengthens my shaky faith.

Of all the rituals of the Church, and of our worship, communion brings me closer to God and to the Church, and makes me feel more at peace.

Physical reminder of what a privilege it is to be a child of God and the ultimate sacrifice for my sake.

Communion provides me serenity. The stillness and quiet time with God lets me hear Him and replenishes me so I can be strong and calm in our loud, busy world.

Through communion I feel humbled and close to my Father. That by grace I was saved knowing that he sacrificed his life for me, so I can have everlasting life. What a gift. I am one of his chosen ones.

Communion is the most vivid example and evidence that God is a loving God, thus showing us how to interpret everything in the Bible, our faith, and our lives.

To clean my “plate” so to speak. To seek forgiveness and a fresh start.

I feel cleansed and renewed each time I take communion and at peace.

Renewal of mind, spirit and body to focus on Christ.

Furthers by belief and what has been given up for us. “Faith”

Communion gives me the feeling of being close to Christ. Communion brings together all Christians in the world together regardless of their various differences.

Communion is our connection to our heavenly Father and a reminder of how he died for our sins and why we praise him each time we come to the table (each time we eat).

A reminder of my salvation and that of others. A reminder and symbol of my sustaining force.

Communion is being part of a community – the church, the city, the country, the world, the universe – being included in something good and bigger than myself. Sharing a moment with Christ.

Building of companionship, community, and giving to others. Reminder to consider the body, i.e. God’s people (especially those not present), and the blood, which reminds us that forgiveness takes sacrifice. If we are going to forgive, we have to be willing to give some up, FOR them! (not BECAUSE of them)

Christ Jesus accepts me and makes me “new.”

Communion is a reminder to me that I am a child of God and share in the lives of a community of believers.


  • Jesus is the bread (sustenance) of my life
  • It connects me to the body of Christ, to the spirit within, to all others who share it
  • Physical evidence of God’s love

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