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05.18.14 Sailing Through Life’s Storms Luke 8:22-25 Sermon Summary

by on May 19, 2014

Nothing is routine when you have Jesus with you. This is because God so desires to have us in relationship with him, that he uses anything and everything to get our attention.

Jesus said, “Let us go across to the other side of the lake.” He may as well have said, “Let us go across the street,” so routine would crossing the Sea of Galilee have been. But crossing to the other side with Jesus is never routine. Things we take for granted—everyday, ordinary things like crossing to the other side—become occasions for God to break into our lives and remind us who he is.

Things like when a running child falls on the playground and skins her knees. Or when a rebellious teenager shows tenderness to his younger sister. Or when bread and cup are offered as the life-giving body of God’s beloved Son.

Jesus first offered this bread and cup prior to his death, and he’s been offering it every day since crossing to the other side in his resurrection.

I wonder if, between death and resurrection, if the disciples remembered this event. I wonder if they remembered crossing to the other side of the lake with Jesus, when Jesus was asleep in the life-threatening storm. I wonder if, in the storm of their lives that was Saturday, between Good Friday and Easter Sunday, if they remembered that, though Jesus appeared to be sleeping, he was still Lord of Creation.

Surely after the resurrection they remembered. I can see it dawning on them—“This is just like when we were crossing the Sea of Galilee and that storm came up, and we thought we were all going to die, and we thought that Jesus didn’t care, that he had abandoned us. And then he rose up and quieted the storm. Remember that?”

I bet after the resurrection there wasn’t another storm in their lives that they didn’t say to one another, “This is pretty bad, and God doesn’t seem to be around, but we must be crossing to the other side of something, and any minute now, Jesus is going to rise up and still this storm. Let’s keep the faith.”

That’s what the Lord’s Super is. This is Jesus’ invitation to us to cross to the other side. This is Jesus’ invitation to us to remember that whatever storm is forming on the horizon or raging all round us, he is with us until we get to the other side.

So I invite you to come, with whatever faith you have, however small it may be, and set sail with Jesus to the other side of the lake.

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