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05.02.10 The Testing of Our Faith, Revelation 2:18-29 Sermon Scraps

by on May 3, 2010

Some symbolic de-coding for the letter to Thyatira:

  • Jesus referred to as “Son of God” is a direct contrast with Apollo who was worshiped in Thyatira as the Son of Zeus.
  • Jesus’ blazing eyes is a direct contrast with the image of the all Seeing Eye, one of the many objects that were manufactured in Thyatira (and is still sold to tourists today).

A parallel passage to this letter to Thyatira is 2 Peter 1. I recommend it for study. There the author:

  • Refers to the gift of faith (that it is a gift is grace)
  • The sufficiency of God’s providence for a faithful life
  • The hope of God’s promises for ultimate deliverance
  • The union we have with God
  • The ethical implications of grace, faith, providence, and union
  • The experience of salvation awaiting our faithfulness
  • An allusion to our baptismal union
  • The dawning of Christ’s morning star in our hearts
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