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Mission Principles of Faith Presbyterian Church–summer 2011 Draft

by on January 28, 2010

MISSION PRINCIPLES: Defining why our church exists.

MP1.0 Comprehensive Mission Statement

Faith Presbyterian Church: growing disciples by serving our neighbors, cultivating community, and exploring

MP1.1 Fruit-bearing Worship

Our highest priority is offering worship that glorifies God, edifies believers, and is hospitable to visitors. Through our worship we shall harvest the spiritual fruits of mature disciples and of new disciples of Jesus Christ.

MP1.2 Active Service

We recognize mature disciples as those who serve others in love. We shall not only generously support those who serve others, we serve others ourselves.

MP1.3 Intentional Discipleship

We align all our ministry endeavors with the mission to make disciples. We shall incorporate others into the Body of Christ through baptism, and teach all to follow his commandments.

MP1.4 Thoughtful Discourse

We are eager to hear and obey the Word of God in whatever form God speaks to us. We shall listen in faith for God’s Word during worship, study, and respectful discussions that honor all points of view.

MP1.5 Healing the World

We believe God loves the world and is reconciling it to himself in Christ. We shall participate in Christ’s ministry of reconciliation by sharing with the world the healing we have received in Christ.

MP1.6 Vision Statement

Faith Presbyterian Church: Where God makes a positive difference in our lives and in the lives of those living in our neighborhood.


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