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Mitch Albom’s Have a Little Faith, Part 2

by on January 11, 2010

Questions for Reflection, Part 2

  • The Reb says accusing God is a form of prayer (p. 82) and that it is a form of faithfulness. Have you ever accused God in your own prayers and faith? If not, why not?
  • What do you think of the Reb’s recipe for happiness (pp. 100-02)? Is it this simple? If not, what complicates it? What can we do to more happy?
  • Albom makes the point several times (cf. pp. 112f, 118f) that the religious men he writes about are financially poor. Do you think poverty and religion are correlated?
  • The Reb says family, then religion, helps us avoid the second death of being forgotten. What about families and individuals who do not have religion? (p. 128)
  • Albom says if whatever is wrong with religion X is that it isn’t your religion, you may be the problem. (p. 162) How does this find expression in your life?
  • The truest test of faith is when we have to say to ourselves what we’ve said to others. (p. 182) How have you experienced this?
  • How does your past stil determine your present—in your eyes or in the eyes of others who “knew” you and believe they still “know” you? (p. 192)
  • How does the Reb’s view of humanity (p. 197-8) compare to yours; your church’s doctrine? Which offers the most hope?

As you read Cass’ story (p. 200ff), how did you feel about your church and your pastor? What obstacles exist that prohibit them from doing this kind of ministry?

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