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Discussion Questions, Welker’s What Happens in Holy Communion Chapter 11-12

by on December 3, 2009

Chapter 11

  1. How important is the “passing of the peace”? How does where it appears in the liturgy affect its meaning? Where might it be placed?
  2. How do we impart the sense of joy Welker describes to the congregation?

Chapter 12

  1. Welker’s description of God the creator (pp. 169-70) asserts that God’s benevolence has been revealed. Do you agree that God’s benevolence can be known apart from Christ?
  2. For Welker, the “pre-Easter Jesus” and the resurrected Christ mutually inform one another in our memory of him. How might this assertion change your perspective of Jesus Christ and the eucharist?
  3. How do Welker’s descriptions of justification and sanctification (pp. 173-4) compare to your understanding?
  4. Welker suggests that the supper is provisional: real but transitory (p. 175). How might this be said also of us, of other things? How does this perspective inform or enhance your life?
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