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Discussion Questions for Welker’s What Happens in Holy Communion chapter 10

by on December 3, 2009
  1. When Welker talks about “sin” in this chapter, to what is he referring? Individual failure? A cosmic power? Both? Something else?
  2. Welker blames, in part, a culture preoccupied with morality for the churches’ underestimation of the power of sin. How does this argument work? Do you agree with it? What can we do to correct it? (see pp. 155, 160, 154)
  3. Welker blames the emphasis of the Reformation churches on the absolute power of God (p. 155), whether that mystery is explained in realist terms (Lutheran) or spiritual ones (Reformed), for their inability to effectively maintain a proper understanding of how the Supper relates to sin. Correcting this failure is the task of Reformation theologians today. How can we, in our churches, begin to make this correction?
  4. Does the church’s celebration of Holy Communion participate in the liberation of the world from sin? If so, how?
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