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Study Guide for Welker’s What Happens in Holy Communion, Chapter 9

by on November 18, 2009
  1. Welker uses the diversity of witness in the Gospels (and Paul) to find multiple meanings instead of trying to harmonize them. Is this an approach to the Bible that you might use?
  2. Welker contrasts verbal and material certainty. Is this a valuable distinction? Where else does it apply?
  3. In what ways does the material certainty serve as a new “canon” for the “living cultural memory” of the gathered community (in the words of chapter 8)? What dangers does this pose, and how does Welker’s comments mitigate these dangers?
  4. On pp. 143-5 Welker summarizes the findings of the book thus far. How might you summarize the main points? Might this be the outlines of a “confirmation” course, or some testimony on our part before our congregation about Communion?
  5. How do we celebrate Communion so that the whole church is recognized as present?
  6. How do we “confirm” or educate/develop people’s theological competence for Communion? And how do we do it at different age levels?



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