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Discussion Questions Chapter 4

by on October 29, 2009

Discussion Questions for What Happens in Holy Communion Chapter 4

• Should anyone be denied participation in the Lord’s Supper?

• If yes, on what bases, and how should we determine whether the bases have been covered?

• If no, how might we ensure that people are participating in a “worthy manner”?

• If people should only self-exclude (excommunicate) themselves (pp. 73-74), how do we enable them to do that—practically as well as theologically?

• This chapter returns to a theme of chapter 1, that the shared meal is important (in contrast to the symbol alone). How does our practice of communion enhance or distort this concern?

• How might the eventual separation of the meal from the symbol have caused holy communion to take on the character of a moral or religious examination?

• What other “apparently secondary things” (p. 79) exist in the church at large, in our church? What diversities of practice do they generate (e.g., grape juice vs. wine)? How can we address these?

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