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Making Faith Connections

by on October 26, 2009

Beginning in November we’re introducing a new way of making connections between faith and “real life.” In every bulletin, we’re including the Faith Connections Card. On one side, the FCC invites you to think about your next step in response to God’s Word to you. It will suggest ways you can grow as Christ’s disciple. You’ll also have an opportunity to update your contact information.

During worship, we’ll pause so that everyone can fill in the FCC. It is important that everyone participates in this part of our worship for two reasons. First, it gives everyone a chance to reflect upon God’s presence in their particular lives. Second, it allows visitors to fill in the information without feeling singled out.

So look for the Faith Connections Card in your Bulletin. And help us fulfill our mission by filling it out at the appropriate time!

One Comment
  1. Jennifer Wilson permalink

    As I expressed last night . . . I really like the connections cards. What will be the protocol for getting events on there? i.e. how do I get a box for “yes, I will be attending the Advent Workshop” on the cards?

    Thanks for moving us forward!

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