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Discussion Questions Albom’s Have a Little Faith, Spring

by on October 20, 2009

Spring pp. 5-48

  1. Albom’s journey included an “apathetic” departure from his childhood faith (pp. 12-13). His life didn’t “need” God anymore. Is there a period of your life about which you can say the same thing? What was the result?
  2. Henry Covington’s “conversion” is recounted on pp. 23-24. Do you have a conversion story? How does it compare to Henry’s? For what reason does Henry decide to “accept Jesus”? What was your reason?
  3. Albom says “religion is built on ritual” (p. 27). Later Rabbi Lewis says ritual keeps us “connected” to generations past (p. 45). What value does ritual have in your life? What are some of the rituals that are meaningful to you? Do they connect you to anything?
  4. Rabbi Lewis’ preaching changed (p. 35-36). How do you wish your preacher’s sermons would change?
  5. The Rabbi says faith is “coming back tomorrow” with a positive attitude (p. 47). How does this perspective on faith relate to your own experience of faith?
  6. After several years, three interviews, and a hug, Albom’s “larger-than-life Man of God” shrank down to human size (p. 48). How have your spiritual giants come back down to size? Are there any spiritual giants in your life that are out of proportion to reality? Can you let them be human?
One Comment
  1. Jennifer Wilson permalink

    I didn’t know these questions were here. (I know – if I checked your blog more regularly I would have seen them 😉

    I really enjoyed the book. I found it thought provoking. I’m going to go back and look at these pages with the questions. I hope to read the entire book again to glean more from it.

    I would love to discuss it with others that read the book.

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