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Discussion Questions Introduction and Chapters 1-2

by on October 19, 2009

Small Group Discussion Guide: What Happens in Holy Communion?


  1. Is there anything special about the presence of Christ in Communion?
  2. What makes the presence of Christ in Communion confusing?
  3. How is the church body related to the resurrection of Christ?
  4. What does this relationship have to do with Communion?
  5. The Lord’s Supper has been the cause for many denominational exclusions in the past. What potential exists for its being the cause for healing?

Chapter 1

  1. What are the significant distinctions of the words “symbolic” “community” “meal” in this chapter?
  2. How can we retain the meal aspect of the Lord’s Supper?
  3. How about the communal aspect?

Chapter 2

  1. How do we keep the “festival” character of the Lord’s Supper weekly?
  2. How do we identify and address threats from within?
  3. What outside threats do we face? How do we ritualize these?
  4. Should we do Communion differently around Holy Week and/or Passover?
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