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Discussion Questions Chapter 3

by on October 19, 2009

Small Group Discussion Guide: What Happens in Holy Communion?

Chapter 3

  1. Welker quotes Augustine on p. 59 with a caution. About the eucharist Augustine also said, “Behold what you are; become what you receive.” How does this quotation address the concerns Welker raises about the other quotation?
  2. Welker identifies 3 required factors to constitute a sacrament (p. 61). How many ways can you think of to vary these factors?
  3. Reflecting on Jesus’ meal practice beyond the Last Supper, what additional insights do you have about Holy Communion?
  4. Welker asserts that human activity is required and included in the work of the Lord’s Supper. Do you agree? What are the implications if Welker is right?
  5. How does the variety of ways we distribute the bread and wine convey (or not) the point Welker is making in this chapter (about justice and mutual acceptance among human beings)?
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