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Three Things We’re Doing Right

by on October 7, 2009

The October 6 Christian Century cites the study of 14,301 local religious congregations and the observation that: “The more seniors (people over 65 years old), the lower a congregation’s spiritual vitality on average, the poorer its financial health, the less clarity about purpose, the less openness to change and the more conflict” (David Roozen, director of the Hartford Institute for Religious Research). This is not to be received as an indictment or accusation. It is simply an observation based on data.

There are three things a congregation characterized by high senior membership (like ours) can do to be the exception to the above observation. We’re doing all three and must continue. (1) promote a vision and purpose for the congregation. (2) make special efforts in evangelism and recruitment. (3) recruiting and training lay leaders.

Of note also in this study (only alluded to in this Century article) is that the congregations who reported at least 2% increase in attendance were characterized by recently offering a new alternative or contemporary worship service.

There are good things happening in our church. Spread the news.

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