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Spiritual Messages in Physical Massage Part 4

by on August 4, 2009

So my last (4) spiritual message from my massage last week has to do with judgment, anxiety, and acceptance. As my therapist uncovered various parts of my body I worried what she was thinking. “This guy needs to lose weight,” or “Man, his feet are weird.” The more I concerned myself with her judgments upon me, the more anxious I became and the more I jeopardized the relaxation and pain-relief I had come there to attain.

Eventually I had to enter into the spiritual peace of self-acceptance. It doesn’t matter what she thought, or what anyone else thinks. What matters is that God accepts me and I believe it. Theologian Paul Tillich defines faith as accepting one’s acceptance. It’s easy to lose faith. I often forget that I have been accepted. Being under the hands of a massage therapist brought me back to faith. In this way, my massage was sacramental.

I hope that by blogging these messages I won’t forget them between massages. Perhaps I need a massage more than once every few years.

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