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Spiritual Messages in Physical Massage Part 3

by on August 4, 2009

I got four spiritual messages during my massage last week. (3) The third was the centrality of letting go. As the therapist progressed from one limb to another, she repositioned my arms, legs, and head. In a slow, gentle manner, she would take hold of my ankle, for instance, and move my lower leg up and down, then left and right. Instinctively I wanted to help, predicting her movements, to move my leg for her.

But to receive the full benefit of her expertise, I had to surrender to her leading. When I thought I knew where she was going, she would change directions. As I tried to anticipate her motions, my muscles became tight. Trying to maintain control, or to assist in my own massage therapy, was counterproductive to the goal.

I contemplated how often my interruptions upon God’s leading have taken me off the spiritual path.

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