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Spiritual Messages in Physical Massage Part 2

by on August 3, 2009

This week I got a massage. It was my first in several years, and it was a spiritual experience. I got four spiritual messages during this one physical massage.

(2) Even as my massage reminded me of the embodied nature of our spiritual existence, I was also mindful that the Spirit transcends my body and time. This was the second message I got. As the therapist worked on my legs, I had a disembodied experience. I envisioned a sculptor making a landscape, and my legs were hills in the distance. I was not feeling her massage my calves as much as watching her create a hillside glimmering under a setting sun. “I am not my body,” I thought to myself, and I was in touch with the eternal aspect of my being.

All embodiment passes away. Creation is not eternal. The limitations of my body and my emotional vicissitudes are temporary. Even as the Spirit manifests bodily—whether in the incarnation, the sacraments, or in my own life—the Creator transcends the physical and temporal conditions of embodiment. Those aspects of my being which are spiritual in nature, which are divine in origin and destiny, live on beyond me.

I asked myself, What things in my life am I clinging to as if they are eternal, when in reality they are not?

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