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Spiritual Messages in Physical Massage Part 1

by on August 2, 2009

This week I got a massage. It was my first in several years, and it was a spiritual experience. I got four spiritual messages during this one physical massage.

(1) The first message was a reminder of the embodied nature of our spiritual existence. I couldn’t help but think of the Christian doctrine of the incarnation of the Word of God. Christianity teaches that Jesus embodied God’s hopeful promises. His message of love, liberation, and life summarized the whole of the Jewish Scriptures and inspired the Christian Scriptures (the “Old” and “New Testaments” respectively). Jesus not only taught this way of life, he lived it.

Today we can live this way also. The hopeful promises of God, God’s intent for us and the world, find expression in and through our lives. Even if not to the same degree as Jesus, our own lives can incarnate these words of God. God’s Spirit inhabits our lives. The Spirit lives in my life and in my time. The focused attention on my body reminded me of this truth.

I thought to myself, How is my life incarnating the hopeful promises of God?

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